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Various methods of applying hair extensions to your hair

Date Added: March 27, 2012 07:49:37 AM
Author: Peter Cameron
Category: Shopping
Hair extensions can simply improve the appearance of your face and overall beauty and these hair extensions can be applied in different ways. Some prominent ways of installing these hair extensions is mentioned as under. Hair Bonding - Hair bonding is relatively a quick and simple method to add extensions in a hurry. You can buy hair bonding glue and simple apply the glue around the weft of the hair. However, this isn't permanent and therefore it'll come out whenever you wash your hair. It’s a nice method to possess a little volume in places that you would like more hair and you can do it on your own or have a member of the family put it on for you personally. Hair Fusion - Now this has many variations in terms of the methods to attach. Initially, fusion ended by using a glue sticks and glue gun, however glue comes already attach to hair. In the beginning, stylist required to try taking some hair extensions and employ the glue gun to add and mold the extension onto the client’s hair. With new ideas and methods, hair manufacturers and attached the glue onto the hair. With this you simple have a heating iron and melt the end and mold it to the person hair. Hair Closure - Hair closure is an extremely useful hair piece to finish off a weave making the entire extensions look very natural. The hair closure is a handmade hair piece that is made on a whether skin base or a mesh base. When this piece is defined on, an all natural looking hair line can be created and will look very natural. Lace front wigs – Virgin hair lace wigs are very natural and it eliminates the need for a stylist to weave extensions. It’s a wig however it can produce a very natural looking hair line. Many celebrities wear them. These lace front wigs have been around for ages plus they were utilised by Hollywood effects to produce a new person. Somehow someone decided that it is going main stream and supply this kind of wigs for anyone that want to look natural with wigs. Skin Extensions - We’ve come a long way in the old days of weaving and bonding extensions. Now with increased people wearing commercial extensions, a far more efficient and real looking method has surfaced. Skin extension includes a thin polyurethane base where you can attach by utilizing tapes. A double sided clear tape is mounted on top and bottom of the client’s hair and you seal it by applying heat having a flat iron. It is strong as a bond, but much cleaner and you can attach it at home. Strand by Strand - This really is another variation from the fusion method called pre-tipped hair extensions. In a package of hair, you’ll have up to 200-300 tiny bundles. The tips seem like shoe string. You can attach them by using a ring and shutting them. There’s no heat involved and it'll stay and last about A few months. If it comes out, you'll be able to reapply. Weave Hair - This is actually the most favored approach to attach hair extensions. Weaving is performed with a special needle that's either curved or straight. First, a very thin braid track is made across the client’s head and the stylist takes the weft from the hair and sews it on. Since the hair is being sewn on it is permanent until you take it off. You’ll have to sleep by using it and wash it normally Twice a week. With this process, you will need to buy hair around the weft for weaving. To buy high quality hair extensions you can log on to:
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